Sunday, January 9, 2011

morning blessing


  1. Ha ha! It's funny 'cause... it's funny. ^_^ I'm looking for the next picture. I haven't forgotten!!

  2. Wonderful! Where are you in this picture, and what are you drinking?

    I'm sure you noticed, I need to redo all the old picture archives on this blog. My flickr was too full so I deleted those old paired pictures forgetting that it would mess up this site. Ah well, I'll redo it eventually... after reading season.

  3. Oh... French Press Coffee in Pasadena California, recently. I went for a cousins wedding, and we found this great restaurant that used to be a train station. Lovely food! When your title was "Morning Blessing" it just popped into my mind! I recognized your water drain from Colorado... I thought it was cool, then, but I forgot to mention! Everyone has those in Japan, but I had yet to see one in America- too cool!
    No problem about the pictures- sounds like a lot of work. >_< I'm not worried.