Friday, January 7, 2011

take in what little light remains


  1. I have to ask, what am I looking at here? Are those peeled butternut squashes? It's totally fascinating, whatever it is.

  2. I know! I had brought my camera to work hoping to get a shot at some things AFTER work, but when I came up to the kitchen line in the morning, the chef was peeling butternut squash. While it may not be the best lighting and background, I HAD to have this image of these guys! They were like little soldiers... or mushrooms... or growth... trying yet to grow. I loved them. And I love the way you brought it back to the organic outside! I'm so glad it tied in so well with the diagonal vertical-ity! Is that a rose bush? I am not so good with the roses... they never thrive with me.

  3. It's not my rose bush, it is from the front yard of a house blocks away. I like taking pictures in other people's yards. I get some weird looks, but most people seem to appreciate the attention.

    I can't believe that I somehow figured out exactly what those were. I'm tuned in to food, man. Riight.